Sunday, June 16, 2013

McDelivery - Getting McDonalds delivered in Korea

One of the many great things about Korea is its commitment to making life easier for the average citizen and one way that this is evident is in the range of takeout and delivery services from restaurants. Even McDonalds in Korea has a delivery service.

I've been in Korea a couple of years but to be honest my Korean is not that great, I can say the basics but I'm still pretty shy about using it in most cases as my pronunciation is not very good.  I've know since I got here that you can get McDonalds delivered and I was immediately interested, I'm pretty lazy at the best of times so this sounded like a great idea. There are videos and blog posts about how to go about ordering through the phone order system but it still required some Korean, you had to be able to decipher what they were asking and tell them your address.  The one time I tried to call the person who answered did not speak English and basically just hung up on me so I did not really bother again, I also had a look at the website but it was all in Korean too - there is an app too but also in Korean. So while it was possible and some people had more successful tries than me I had not really looked into it further.

Recently however a friend told me that he had ordered online, I was surprised and asked how  - it seems that the site now has an English delivery form.  Great news if you have been wanting to get some McDonalds delivered right to you door. It's really easy, I tried it tonight and it worked fine - my food showed up in less than half and hour.

Here's how:

Go to the McDelivery Website,
This is different from the McDonalds Korea website.

It should look like the image below and it had the options for Korean or English at the top, you can change it to English and then in the top right had corner is a registration link and your login place if you have already registered.

To register you enter your details, make a log in and password - you have to activate the account when they send a number to your email address. After that you can enter your address, you will need to know it in Korean but most people have it written down somewhere - it's all drop down menus so you just select the ones that match for your city, dong, gu and there is a place to write any additional details if you need to clarify.

Once you have done all that you can order what you want, the prices are all there and it adds it up as you go - you can select different drinks or sauces, if you want one item or the set - it's all very easy.  Once you order it gives you an estimated time of arrival and you can track your order.

I also had a quick look at the app - I have it on my android phone and it has been updated now too - it just goes to the same website and you can select English or Korean.

If you need a quick junk food fix it now couldn't be easier. Thanks McDonalds Korea!


  1. Hi there! I am wondering, where did you find the maccas app? I can't find it anywhere on my phone! I can't figure out how to put in my address though for the life of me. Arrggh just want some fatty food in my belly already! Lol.
    From a fellow Kiwi girl :)

    Beth, xox.

  2. Hi
    The app I have is for my android phone - it's just a link to the website and its under the Korean MacDelivery so 맥딜리버리.

    It is hard to do the address part, mine worked out easy but I just tried to help a friend do it and it would not work for her. You need to know your address in full in Korean. There are three drop down boxes which are pretty easy - you select your -do, your -gu and then your -dong. This should be the first three things of your address so are easy to find on a piece of mail.

    The next bit is the most important and its your area code or post code - if you translate the Korean it calls it your Lot Number and it is six numbers separated by a hyphen so XXX-XXX and is at the bottom of your address on mail. If this number does not match the rest of your address it won't work.

    The next bit is you actual apartment information, so any other writing on your address should go here and then there are two boxes for the numbers - the first one is your floor and then second one your apartment number. I wrote mine like the floor for example 15 and then I wrote the floor and the apartment number just to be sure so for example 1513. The next bit is for any other information - here I wrote my apartment name in Korean just to ensure they knew the building they were coming to.

    This worked out for me but I have had other people say they have not been able to figure it out.

    Hope you can get it to work. Best of luck.

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