Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Gmarket Haul #3

Wow, I was just looking back at old posts and it's been a couple of years since I did a Gmarket haul. I order from there a lot but often it's just one or two things so I never think to put it up.

I have been doing a huge amount of shopping, I have been sick for a while with a bad flu so to make myself feel better I thought I would do some online shopping. It's mainly for beauty products as I needed a new moisturizer but the one I like seems to have been discontinued. I figured why not buy a few different sorts to try to find one I liked. 

I also always think that if I am buying from one seller I should make it worth while so I always check to see if there is anything else I want. I ended up getting a few boxes worth of stuff. It's always nice to get things in the mail though.

Mizon is one of my favorites for beauty products. I love all their skincare range and they also make my favorite BB creme. They used to have a really nice Snail Repair Cream that came in a pink tube and you got three of them for about 12,000 won. It was great and I loved it as a moisturizer, it was light and you only needed a tiny bit so the tube lasted for a while. I just ran out and wanted to get some more but I could not find it. I ended up getting three different products to try out to see if I could find a replacement. I also got a few other bits and pieces since I was buying from there anyway.

All In One Snail Repair Cream (75mls)
Called a Multifunction Formula, it is supposed to help a myriad of different problems. It apparently contains 92% of snail secretions. I have not tried this one yet, it comes sealed so I will try the other ones first.

Price: 19,000 won
Link: http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/English/detailview/item.aspx?goodscode=207348754

Hydra-Full Solution: WaterMax Rich Firming Gel Cream
I think that this one might be my new cream, I really like the gel texture and it goes on really well. It's light and smooth and you only need a tiny amount. It absorbs quickly into the skin and has a very faint pleasant aroma, not sure what it is but it just smells clean and fresh. I do still like a tube for ease if use however.

Price: 12,000 won
Link: http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/English/detailview/item.aspx?goodscode=206295642

Purifient Garden Nutrition Cream
I got this one as it is part of the Mizon 'Go Green Fresh' line and because it looked nice. I like the packaging, the jar is cute. It smells good with a light fresh aroma. It goes on easily and absorbs quickly. This one is another contender for my replacement cream.

Price: 9,900 won
Link: http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/English/detailview/item.aspx?goodscode=238698867

Special Therapy: Honey Black Sugar Scrub
You never know when you are going to need a scrub so I grabbed this one while I was getting so many other products. Have not tried it yet but it smells nice, like honey. Supposedly good for blackhead removal.

Price: 7,900 won
Link: http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/English/detailview/item.aspx?goodscode=206300329

Acence Mark-x Blemish After Cream (30ml)
A nice acne cream, it is white and absorbs into the skin so you are not left with patches of cream all over your face. Has a faint medicinal smell. Have not been using it long enough to notice how much it helps but it has not done anything bad.

Price: 9,900 won
Link: http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/English/detailview/item.aspx?goodscode=322348797

So that was my Mizon box and they were also very nice and sent two gifts:
-Grapefruit body wash
-Snail Repair mist spray.

Secret Key
I don't really get much Secret Key stuff, they don't have a huge range and it seems to be a bit more on the cheaper side of things (not that that's a bad thing sometimes). There is one thing I like and that is their 'Glam Tint' lipstick. It's really nice and is made to kind of blend in with your lip color and change to match. I have bought this before and use it all the time, I have also given it as a gift and had many people ask me for the link. I believe there is a Dior product that this is based on, I have not see it or tried it but this one does the trick and I am sure it is way cheaper. They usually do a deal for two and they now have three other colors to choose from. I got two different colors and then also two of the originals as I have some birthdays coming up. Then I also grabbed a couple of other items seen as though it would have been a pretty empty box with just those lipsticks in it.

Sweet Glam Tint Glow (Lip Tint)
This one comes with in sets of two and I purchased four. 
It comes in four colors, Baby Pink which is the original color then they have added three more colors to the range - Juicy Orange, Pussia Purple and Chic Burgundy. I have the Baby Pink one already but got two more for gifts and then I got the purple and the burgundy ones to try out. I don't like orange colored makeup, it is really popular over here but it does not look good on me. 

Price: 14,900 won (for two)
Link: http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/English/detailview/item.aspx?goodscode=514892855

Gold Racoony Hydro Gel Eye and Spot Patch
Yeah, it was weird but I couldn't resist. I've seen it before and always wondered about what it was. Since I was already ordering the Lip Tints it was a perfect time to try it out.  I was not sure what to expect but the packaging is super cute and they were easier to use than expected. You get two under-eye patches and one circle patch you can use for other areas. You get a little plastic stick to help get them out and they go on really easy, once they are on you leave it for about 20 minutes. They felt really cooling and I could see some reduction in the bags under my eyes. Don't know how long it will last but certainly a good start.

Price: 12,000
Link: http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/English/detailview/item.aspx?goodscode=341810899

Perfume Peeling Body Scrub (200g)
This was just something I added because I needed one, it was there and I thought 'why not?' I just hope it's not too perfumed as I don't really like overwhelming scents. It's not so bad in the shower however as most of it washes away. There are two selections one pink one where the key words for scent are fruit, feminine and flirty and one purple one where the key words are laundomat, musk and clean. I wish I got the pink one now as I really don't like musk. I think I will just keep it and give it as a gift.

Price: 18,000 won
Link: http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/English/detailview/item.aspx?goodscode=635238301

So that was my box from Secret Key and I got three snail sheet masks as the gift from here also as a gift.

Holika Holika
I have never really bought from Holika Holika before, it seems a little like Secret Key more of a low-budget brand. I might have been wrong as they actually seem to have some nice products.  I saw a nice moisturizer and thought I would give it a chance, after I looked on the sellers mini-shop I found quite a few things to buy. Another good thing is that the product pages have Korean, English and Chinese information. 

Aqua Max: Sebum Control Moisture cream (120ml)
This comes in three types, I got the green one which is the Sebum Control. Apparently I got the big size as it says on the box. I was not aware it came in different sizes, I just picked the link randomly. The other ones you can get are pink which is Nutri Moisture Cream and a blue one which is Ultra Moisture Cream. I have not had a chance to try this one yet as I have so many other ones to use first. I will do a review later if I remember.

Price: 13,900 won
Link: http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/English/detailview/item.aspx?goodscode=548297158

Soda Pore Cleanser: BB Deep Cleansing Foam
I was ordering another of the range of creams so I just added this one on a whim. I think the BB part of it means that it is good for cleaning off BB cream which I use a lot. The one on the left is the BB one and the other one is the product below the normal Cleansing Foam. It is a bit more of an exfoliator as it has the micro-beads in it. If I had know that I would not have got it as I don't really like using them after hearing it was bad for the environment.

Price: 7, 900 won
Link: http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/English/detailview/item.aspx?goodscode=548232539

Soda Pore Cleanser: Cleansing Cream (actually Cleansing Foam)
I think they sent the wrong one, the product page has it in a tub but the one I got is in a tube. However they seem to be similar products so I'm not really sure enough to bother about returning it. The one I got is the Cleansing Foam and as I already got the BB Cleansing Foam it is a bit disappointing to have two very similar products. I just hope they are good.

Price: 6, 900 won
Link: http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/English/detailview/item.aspx?goodscode=548233598

Skin & AC Mild Magic Pink Spot
This is an acne treatment stick, I'm always happy to try these kind of things. You never know when you might find a treasure. It took me a bit to figure out how to get the product to work. You have to turn the end for a while before it will start pumping, after it starts you only need to turn it once or twice but that first time you have to turn it quite a few times. This is a pink color and is the consistency of calamine lotion (which I think it has a small amount of as one of the ingredients). It dries hard and flaky like calamine lotion. I have only been using it a few days so not sure of it's effects if any but nothing bad to say out it so far.

Price 12,900 won
Link: http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/English/detailview/item.aspx?goodscode=604783990

Penguins Dream Hand Cream (18ml)
A cute little gift idea, I got all three colors. I like getting these novelty items to send home as gifts. I might keep one though.

Price: 3,900 won
Link: http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/English/detailview/item.aspx?goodscode=526593699

Egg Soaps, Special set (4 set)
Set of four different soaps, they are all designed to do different things. You can buy them in smaller sets or just one of the types but I wanted to try all of them so I thought this was a nice set. It is really cute too as they come in a little egg carton.

Red - Red Clay to clean pores and clarify skin.
Green - Green Tea for moisture and to smooth skin.
White - Egg Whites to smooth and firm skin.
Black - Charcoal for sebum control.

Price: 15, 000 won

That was my Holika Holika box and I got some samples and a face mask as a gift with these products.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Korea in the News #10

Korea has been in the news a lot lately but I've missed a few of them.  I just saw this one recently as it has been all over my Facebook newsfeed. 

After more than 60 years the law that made adultery illegal in Korea has been changed. In the past adultery has been a crime that you could be convicted of and could serve up to two years in prison for.

Check out the full story on CNN.

Court rules: Adultery no longer a crime in South Korea