Sunday, April 15, 2018

2018 Update - I'm Still Here

As of 2018 I am still in Ilsan. I realize I have not updated this blog in a very long time so I wanted to come on here and let you know I'm still around. I just renewed my contract for another year so I will be here for a bit longer. I don't have any plans after that and may end up staying even longer.

I really want to try to update this blog a bit more this year. It will probably not be often but I figure anything I can do will be better than last year lol. I might try to do some cafe and restaurant reviews or at least some photos of places I go to. If you are visiting Ilsan then it's always nice to know some good places to go to.

Sunset - Lake Park (2017)

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Making Smoothies in Korea - MediHeim Multifunction Blender

Last year I decided that I wanted to try and be a bit more healthy. It's still a work in progress but who knows one day I might get there. Anyway I decide to try and make some smoothies. I have a large blender but I thought that one of the smaller bullet type ones that I could make and drink in the same container would be a good option.

I did some research and had a look at what was available in Korea. Then I just decided to go with a cheaper option because I was not sure how much I would actually use it. I am a great one for buying things with the best of intentions and then using it once or twice and never touching it again.

I went on Gmarket and found one that looked pretty good, it has a good motor speed so can chop ice, and was quite cheap. It's called the MediHeim Electric Mini Blender on Gmarket but the name is the MediHeim Multifunction Blender. It comes with different cups and blades so is a nice starter set. It cost about 26,000 won. I figured if it was not that good then it would not matter too much as I was not spending a huge amount of money.

It comes with 9 pieces which includes the base, two blades, three cups of different sizes, one mug and two lids (one with a drinking spout and one just flat).

So far this has been really good. I have not used it consistently but I'm just getting back into it now so thought I would post about it as I'm really enjoying using this blender.

It is super easy to use - it just has the one button so you just plug it in and go. It chops everything up pretty easily - it's not as smooth as a bigger blender would be of course but I don't mind a bit of texture. For the price I think this was a really good investment for me.

I've been neglecting this blog for a while so what I might try to do is post a few of my smoothies that I make. I will let you know where I get my ingredients and such and hopefully it might inspire me to post a bit more. If you have any questions about this blender just let me know in the comments. This is the link for where I bought it on Gmarket.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Shopping: - Haul and Reivew

Well hello there, it's been a very long time since I've posted on this site. Unfortunately my inherent laziness directly interferes with my blogging output.

What has brought me back you ask, well I just did some shopping on a new plus size clothing website here in Korea and really wanted to share and do a review. Shopping for plus size clothing can be a nightmare in Korea. They just don't have that much and a lot of what they do have is tailored towards much older women.

I tend to do most of my shopping from overseas. My favorite being Dorthy Perkins from the UK. I also have recently used ASOS. I do find I don't like a lot of the stuff on ASOS which is why I have never used it before but I recently got three nice pieces from there so it's one I have to keep an eye on for when something good pops up.

The problem with shopping from overseas is that you have to watch how much you spend. You can import up to 150,000 won worth of personal shopping without having to pay any duty on it. However if you go over this customs will hold your parcel and make you pay the duty + processing + the cost of them holding it in their warehouse (so it goes up everyday). It can be an expensive lesson and it can also be hard to sort out if you don't speak Korean.

I do a lot of my shopping online, I've slowly been expanding the sites that I use and am now pretty comfortable using most Korean sites. I mostly buy beauty items but I really wanted some new t-shirts the other day and so I decided to have a proper look on Naver for some plus size sites. There are a lot of options and I checked out many of them. Most of them just mean they go up to the L or and XL in Korean size or that they are Free sizing which does not help much.

I finally stumbled across this one called Anysize and it looked promising. It's been around since 2003 and they seem to make their own clothing. I quickly had a look at the sizing chart and low and behold they have sizes L and 1XL thought to 5XL and the measurements looked like they were actually big sizes too. The prices were quite reasonable so I went ahead and joined up. You get a 10,000 won coupon for signing up too and I used that discount off my order.

I selected a range of options and I decided based on the measurements I was about a 3XL as I am around a size 22 to 24 in British sizes. But being not quite sure what I would be getting and also just because I was curious I decided to get a few different sizes. So I got some 3XL, 4XL and even one 5XL. I figured if they were too big I can always wear them as PJs.

I ordered and paid by direct deposit on the 13th of May and I got immediate messages on my phone to say they had received my order and then after I paid to say that they had received that and my goods would be out to me shortly. I then had a message the next day to say it had been sent. It was a holiday on Saturday so I'm not sure if I would have gotten it any earlier but it arrived on the 16th of May so I was pretty happy with that.

It comes in a lovely pink parcel and I do like that the name is Anysize which sounds much better than some of the other plus size brands I have seen like 'She's Big' or some such variation.

I got a selection of T-shirts which is one of the main things that I wanted. Then I also grabbed a pair of long shorts, a lacy tunic and a hooded short-sleeved cardigan. I figured I should add at least one bottom to check out the sizing. I am really bad at guessing my size for bottoms.

One other thing to note is that some of the bigger sized items in 4XL and 5XL have an extra cost. 

Moria Cardigan

26,900 won, Black, 3XL

This black knit cardigan was one of the first ones I saw and I love cardigans of all shapes and sizes. It also comes in Beige. This one is hooded with short sleeves so it looked great for the summer. It's quite stiff but hopefully it softens up after its washed a few times. The fit on this one is fine for the 3XL but there is not a lot of give. It's just a hanging one so I don't need to do it up or anything, if it was one that I wanted to do up at the front I might have liked to go up a size.

Paul Tee

15,900 won, Khaki 3XL, Charcoal 5XL(+5,000 won)

I got two of these as they were quite a good price and I wanted to see how big the 5XL was. The 3XL in this one is nice and roomy, it's bigger than the Animal Tee that I got which was also a 3XL. So the 5XL is very big on me and so it will be my new pajama top. They are quite soft and comfortable and have little holes all over them so will need something on underneath them for wearing out of the house.

Go Go Go Tee

7,900 won Orange, 4XL

There was not much choice on this one, It was mostly sold out. I actually wanted the black one but they only had large left and even for the orange there was only a choice of 4XL or 5XL. The 4XL is fine for size, it's roomy but not too big so I think the 3XL would have been another one that would be a little on the snug side.

Pattern Tee

8,900 won, White, 4XL

I'm not sure what the name of this one translates too so I just called it a Pattern Tee. It comes in either White or Charcoal. This has quite large sizing, I got the 4XL and I'm not sure if that was just to try it or if there were no 3XLs. I don't usually go for white as I am really messy but this one was really pretty. I think I could have gone with a 3XL in this one but it's fine.

Animal Tee

9,900 won, Ivory, 3XL

I could not find this one on the site again and I remember there were not many sizes or colors left when I got mine. It may have sold out now. I am glad I got mine however as it is very cute. This one is a 3XL but runs a lot smaller than the other 3XL I got. It still fits but just not as much room left over.

Pency Blouse

28,900, Black, 3XL

This is a pretty tunic type blouse that you can wear over a singlet or something. It's a sheer lace with rose patterns on it. I really like it and I have some bright colored singlets that I think it will look nice over top of. It's quite roomy and I would not have wanted to go up any sizes with this one.

Veneto Pants

24,900 won, black, 5XL(+5,000)

I got the biggest size in these as I was not sure what to get. They have an elastic waist band so I figured it would be fine. And they are, they fit well and are very lightweight. Holding them up the material is very fine so it looks a bit see through. I will have to remember to wear black underwear when wearing these. I think they will be nice and airy for teaching in the classroom over summer.

Overall Thoughts on the Shopping Experience:

Site - I liked the site a lot. It was easy to use and set out cleanly. Every thing was easy to find and they had size guides on all the items so you could check the measurements. They also had cleaning tips along with the sizing too. Even though it is in Korean I found it pretty easy to use and my Korean is limited. If you get your friend or co-teacher to sign you up then you should be able to shop easily on this site. If your Korean is a bit better and you have signed up for these type of sites before then it will be easy to sign up yourself. It took me about 10 minutes or so.

The site has easy navigation to different types of clothing via a bar across the top which is in English, they have the categories Tops, Outer, Shirt & Blouse, Knit & Cardigan, Ops & Skirt, Leggings, Training. They also seem to have sales and specials on a lot so be sure to check those out.

As far as I can see they only carry women's clothing.

Clothes - I was really impressed with the selection that they had. There are not just older mature styles but lots of younger stuff also. Maybe not really young but young enough for me. The clothing quality seems very good and the prices were very competitive. I will definitely be shopping here again and it seems like it will soon become my go-to place. 

If you are looking to check out Anysize they do have physical stores too, I think they may also be available at Lotte Department Stores.

The also have a mini shop on Gmarket but it does not seem to have the whole range, the few I looked at only went up to 3XL. They do have a big selection just search for 애니시이즈.

These are the links to their social media:

Instagram: @anysize_5xl
Blog Naver:

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

In My Neighborhood - La Festa Beauty Shops

So today I thought I would give you a sneak peak at what kind of Beauty (Skincare and Cosmetic) shops we have in Ilsan. 

One of the main shopping areas in Ilsan is an outdoor mall type area called 'La Festa'. And it's here that you can find all of the major Korean chain store type beauty shops. You can find these stores all over Korea as they are very popular and many of them have more than one branch in most areas. 

These shops are all within a stretch of two blocks and many of them are just right next to each other.

There are also a couple more just a little bit along the street from these ones but I didn't get photos of them, They are called Watsons and Olive Young and are more Pharmacy/Drugstore type shops with lots of different brands and products. Here in Korea however they don't carry the medicine that you get in many of these type stores in Western countries. They have specific stores that sell medicine and those don't really sell anything else, just health related products.