Thursday, February 9, 2012


Hi my name is Amy and I am living and working as an English teacher in Suwon, South Korea.  I am originally from New Zealand and I have been in Korea for about one year now.  I am just in the process of re-signing my contract to stay for another year.  I thought that while I was here it would be good to keep a record of what I have seen and done and maybe even put up some useful tips for anyone new to Korea or even those just thinking of coming over. 

I have not done a lot and I still have heaps to learn but I found that it was hard for me to learn these things when I first got here so I am hoping that I can help out some first timers.  It can be really daunting in a new country - the different culture, the different language and just general 'newbie' feelings that come with such a huge change.

When I first got here I thought that I would be one of many foreigners at the school and it would be easy to make friends with all the other expats.  I soon found out that I was the only foreigner at my school - while I work for a huge company with lots of branches in and around Seoul my school is a bit smaller and so far only needs one native teacher.

Suwon is a pretty big city, especially on the scale of New Zealand.  Its connected to Seoul by the Subway and regular buses so transportation is relatively easy.  There are apparently quite a few expats here in Suwon but I have not really had a chance to meet many people yet.  I am hoping that as I get more adventurous I will be able to meet some new people from around my area. 

My New Year's resolution was to get out and do more stuff (also to give up caffeine - I'm a bit addicted to energy drinks).  So hopefully this blog will be the start of something new and positive.

More Soon

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