Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Very Busy Teacher (for once)

Hi all, just a quick post to explain why there was no music Monday this week.  I had just got back from my holiday back in New Zealand on the Sunday and I have been super busy at work ever since then. 

I have a 'Summer Intensive' course running for two weeks.  It is in addition to all my other classes and is two hours each morning. I still come in at my contracted 30 hours but I am a bit put out as I don't think they factor into it the huge amount of work it takes to put together this course.  I have no resources and it is a phonics class which I have never taught before. I was given the book a week or two before vacation and on contacting head office about it found that it was only just published, (already found three mistakes in it, one of them quite major) and they had no resources or guidelines to go with it.  It is a very basic story and song (with 5 stories) for teaching specific consonant blends - not enough to make up two hours of class work with that is for sure.  So I have been doing lots of prep work, making crosswords, word searches, flash cards and anything I can think of to get through the two hours.

As such I just have not had time to do any posting, I have got some posts that I've been working on so as soon as I get some time I will get them finished and published.


  1. When I was an elementary, middle and high school student, my English native teachers had to prepare really many things as you wrote.. OMG I didn't know how hard it is for my native teachers at that time... (I'm a citizen of suwon!^^;)

    1. Well I can't really complain too much as I do have it pretty good at my school :) but at the moment I have been doing a lot of extra work just to make sure my summer class goes well.