Sunday, November 25, 2012

Seoul Lantern Festival - November 2012

Last weekend a friend and I braved the winter chill and went out to see the last night of the 2012 Seoul Lantern Festival.

The festival ran from the 2nd of November to through to the 18th of November. It takes place on the Cheonggyecheon Stream stretching 1.5km from Cheonggye Plaza all the way down to Seungyo Bridge. There were over three thousand lanterns and the theme for this year's festival was “Roots of Seoul, A Day in the Life of Our Ancestors”.

The lanterns were amazing, there were so many to see and they were all constructed with such care, it was truly beautiful. The lanterns were lined down the river, to view them you walked along the side of the stream, there are walkways on both sides. Sometimes the trees obstructed the views a bit but overall it was very well executed. A lot of the lanterns showed the history of Korea from the Joseon dynasty but it also moved into the future and they had lanterns depicting popular cartoon characters like Pororo. Something for everyone!

We went on the last day, it was also a Sunday and of course the weekend is always busy at these kind of events, add to that being the last day and you can imagine how crowded it was.  It took ages just to get to the start of the lanterns but it was well worth it and I'm glad I got the chance to go.

For more information and photos you can check out the website Visit Seoul.

Photos courtesy of worldsafari.

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  1. A wonderful event and night out during Seoul's colourful Autumn seeason