Sunday, April 29, 2012

Likes and Dislikes

Things I like about Korea:
(In no particular order)

Mandoo/Mandu a very yummy street food, its basically a kind of dumpling and you can get various kinds like Kimchi or Goggi (meat).  I like the meat one, it has minced up meat, some veges like spring onion and some noodles in it.  Very tasty and you can get it cooked all different ways, steamed, fried, deep fried or even in a soup.  All are very delicious, its my favourite Korean food.

Internet its soooooo much faster over here than it is in New Zealand.  New Zealand for some reason has third world Internet. I am going to get very frustrated when I go back home and have to actually wait to view something.

Gmarket online shopping market, its basically a lot of different sellers all on one site (recently bought by eBay).  They have everything you could ever want, its really cheap and it usually ships in a few days.  Sometimes you can even get things the next day.  If you are from New Zealand and know what the postal system is like you will appreciate that fact.

Things I dislike about Korea:
(Again in no particular order)

Elevator Etiquette for some reason Korean people are in such a rush to get on the elevator that they don't wait for everyone to get out of it first. I mean really people its not going to go any quicker just because you get on it a few seconds faster.

Spitting Koreans spit on the sidewalk, its common practice for them but its not really very nice if you are not used to it.

The mobile phone system its really hard for a foreigner on an e2 visa to get a contract phone and their prepaid method is not much better. With PPS which is their equivalent to prepaid you have to put money on it every month and if you don't for a while eventually it stops receiving calls and texts - why when the other person is paying for it?


  1. Hey Kiwigirl!

    Wow, so you are over in Korea teaching English? That is awesome! I am actually an English teacher.

    I wish I had known you sooner so I could have sent you some Korean tv Dramas! I love tv series from all over (if you haven't guessed already since I love The Tribe!) and I really like Asian tv series. In Korea, they call them Korean TV Dramas. I have quite a few, all with English subtitles.

    If you have some downtime, definitely check this site:

    You can choose to look at Japanese Dramas, Korean Dramas, Taiwanese Dramas, etc.

    Anyway, best of luck!

    Mia at The Muses Circle

    1. Hi Mia
      Thanks for the link, its good to find some other Korean Dramas. I watched a few so far just from word of mouth reccomendations from Korean friends. Always good to find more.