Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Music Monday #5

This week I wanted to showcase some Korean punk for Music Monday (a little bit late due to my internet connection being really slow).  I have not had very much experience with it and have not been to any gigs as I don't know any other people who like this kind of music here in Korea.  It's hard enough finding friends to come with me to gigs back home as most of my friends have very different tastes in music. Anyway I have discovered some of the bands online through websites, forums and facebook - that's the great thing about the Internet.

Now you may be thinking - 'Korea', 'Punk' hmmmnnn how does that work, but the punk scene is pretty active in Seoul and has been for a number of years.  There a quite a few Korean punk bands all playing different variations from hardcore, skate punk, ska, skinhead and more.  Their influences are from around the world including England and America and there is something for everyone.  Some of the songs are in English, some in Korean and the rest a mixture of them both, it just depends on the band.

This is just one of the bands that I have found that seem to be doing relatively well here in Korea.  I will post some more in the weeks to come.

럭스 Rux - 그딴거 다 상관 없어 (No Matter What)

Here are some links to a couple of articles about the punk scene in Korea if you are interested (they are a few years old but have some good background information none the less).

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