Sunday, July 8, 2012

Gmarket Haul #1

These are some things that I bought a couple of months ago on Gmarket.  I wrote a post a while ago about how much I like shopping online with Gmarket but have not followed it up with anything. I have not been buying quite as much as usual as I am saving to go home for a holiday at the end of the month.  These are a few girly bits that I got and thought were pretty cute.

Cute hand creme, this is one of a series and I thought was the cutest of them all.  It was also fruit scent which I liked the sound of the best. It's expensive for the size but you are really paying for the packaging rather than the creme. It was 4,900won.  Link to Seller.

I needed some new mascara so was looking on Gmarket when I found this one, I was sold simply because it looked so cute.  Its called 'Cats Wink Mascara' by Tony Moly and you can get two kinds - this one is Volume and Lengthen  and the other one was Curl and Lengthen and and it was 6000won.  Link to Seller.

I bought these two headbands and was really happy with them, they are just some cheap cute ones but they look nice and they fit pretty comfortably too. They were about 5 or 6,000won each. Link to Seller.

Two chunky style necklaces, I usually go for stuff much smaller and simpler but I saw one of these types on a T.V show and thought it looked cool so thought I would find something similar.  These two are nice, they are just cheap ones at 10,000won each and are both from the same seller.  The faux pearl one is No.54 at this link and the black one does not seem to be on there anymore.  The seller was really good on this one and put a couple of extra gifts in too - a heart pendant necklace and a string of faux pearls.

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