Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Korean Buses - Larva (라바) Cartoon

Since the instalment of flat screen TVs in most of the inner city buses we have been fortunate enough to be able to view this wonderful cartoon - it's called 라바 which transliterates to la(r)va which in English is of course larvae. Most of the advertisements and other bits on the bus TV are in Korean so not very interesting if you don't know the language.

The cartoon Larva can be viewed silent, in fact until I watched it here on YouTube I had never heard it because the bus does not have sound on for the BusTV. Larva does not need the sound to be fully enjoyed. They are just short stories about two little Larva (caterpillars or something) that live in a drain and their various other acquaintances and or the things that they find washed into their drain. Each episode is about two minutes long and they are often pretty macabre.

It’s cute, funny and mildly diverting on my daily bus ride to work


  1. WOW Really nice to meet a larva in here!;-)

  2. Larva sure makes the bus ride more interesting, I have to take the bus every day to school so it gets a bit tedious.