Monday, October 8, 2012

Music Monday #18

This Music Monday is a Korean offering, again it's a very popular one.  G-Dragon is one of the members of the hit Korean Group 'Big Bang', he also has what looks like a lucrative career in endorsements and a burgeoning solo career too.

He recently released an EP called 'One of a Kind' where one of the songs was called 'Crayon'.  Apparently this is short for 'Crazy+On' or a combination of 'Crazy+G-Dragon'.  The music video is being played on the buses at the moment which is where I saw a clip of it and thought I would show it here.  It certainly is crazy, but it seems like that was the idea for the video. It's bright and colorful and very silly.

Like his group 'Big Bang's' music, G-Dragon's sound is not really considered K-pop as such.  In Korea it is what passes as Hip Hop.  It does have a different beat to it than the more traditional K-pop sound. Anyway here for your interest or amusement - whatever the case may be is the latest music video from G-Dragon.

G-Dragon - Crayon

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