Monday, October 29, 2012

Music Monday #21

I have posted a few Music Mondays about punk in Korea, this week I thought I would show that Ska is also alive and well and here in Korea.  Ska is one of those love it/hate it genres - especially in the punk culture.  Many punks feel it's boring or lame for various reasons, there is also many who associate 'selling out' with ska - such bands as Reel Big Fish and Goldfinger often have the finger pointed at them for this. There is also a lot of kidding around between bands, Propaghandi produced a song called 'Ska Sucks' and NOFX have one called 'We don't play Ska anymore' which goes on to say "because it sucks". None of which should be taken too seriously.

FYI - Ska if you don't know is a music style that has it's basis in Reggie and Jazz.  It's know for it's fast up-beat tempo.  Ska punk is just that fast, furious and fun, they usually have some kind of brass instrument in the band, commonly a trumpet.

I really like Ska punk, I'm a big fan on Less than Jake and Mad Caddies.  I always think of summer, the beach and having a fun time when I listen to it.

One Korean band that I have heard talked about on some other websites and that I found on YouTube is called - Skasucks - I am guessing it's tongue-in-cheek as they seem to be one of the leading ska bands on the Korean scene. They have been around for over five years now, they do a lot of covers and apparently a really great high energy live show.  I have not seen them live, but if I get the chance I think it would be a great one to go to.

Skasucks - Swimming in the Dream

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