Monday, October 15, 2012

Music Monday #19

I'm sorry to say I have been a bit slack with the posts lately, basically just a matter of finding the time and inspiration. Lucky that I have this Music Monday segment as it makes me post something each week at least. Because I have not posted a lot I am trying to keep to the Korean theme - this blog is supposed to be about living in Korea and all.

This week is another one I spotted on the bus - they run a lot of clips on the TVs in the buses here in Korea.  I did a post a while ago on the cartoon 'Larva' that you can see, they also have clips from Korean variety shows and various other things.  It does not have sound so I had to go and listen to this group on YouTube - I was curious to what they sounded like as the thing that I first noticed about them was that they were playing their own instruments.  Not a big deal in western music but for Korean music, dominated by K-pop groups, it's a bit of a novelty.

So another thing I noticed apart from the instruments was I thought it was cool they had a girl in their group.  There are not many mixed groups in Korea - they are either boy groups or girl groups.  I don't think I've seen any that are mixed that I can recall. After googling them yesterday however one of the first things to come up was talking about the new 'all boy group' - whoops.  You can't really blame me however - he's really pretty and has long hair he wears in a ponytail. I'm sure I'm not the only one to make that mistake.

The band is called Lunafly (루나플라이) and is most definitely k-pop but a bit different because as I said they play instruments and apparently do some of their own composing and song writing, they seem to be going for a more authentic 'band' feel.  They are a new group too so only have a few songs out and I think they have a 'mini' album, the videos that I have seen are simpler just them singing and playing instruments for example.  They don't do all the crazy outfits and dancing that is the signature of most k-pop. That being said their looks are all k-pop, and I read online that a lot of money and effort has gone into the look and style of them and their album.

They all seem to be pretty good at English, one of them is actually British-Korean so his native language is English rather than Korean.  This means that they are releasing music in both languages so I'm posting two videos today - they have released two songs to the same music.  One song is in Korean and the other in English - the music and the videos are the same but the songs have different names and different lyrics - it does not look like one is just the translation of the other.

So again not really my type of music but better than a lot of the usual k-pop.  At least they are doing some of their own work on the songs and playing their own instruments. It's a step in the right direction.

Lunafly - How Nice Would It Be? (얼마나 좋을까)

Lunafly - Super Hero

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