Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Whittaker's Chocolate in Korea

I have heard that Whittaker's chocolate sometimes appears in random shops here in Korea, someone I was talking to said they found some in Paris Baguette once for example.  I have been here about 19 months now and have never seen it - until now.
I just happened to be wandering around the small grocery shop in the bottom of the Galleria in Ingye-dong today.  I don't really shop there as its a bit more expensive and the selection is smaller than the nearby Homeplus so I don't usually bother.  I was down there to get some fast food - the American chain 'Popeyes' has a branch in the food court there.  I thought I would have a look around while I was there and see what they had, sometimes they have things that you can't get at the bigger supermarket chains.

So this is where I found some Whittaker's chocolate - they have three of the 250g slabs available - Fruit & Nut, Creamy Milk and Almond Gold.  The kicker is that unless you are really craving it or are a die hard fan you probably won't want to pay the price.  One slab cost 11,000 won, they didn't have a price on them so I didn't find this out until I got to the counter.  I thought it would be a nice gift to take in to work after the holiday - I hope they appreciate it.


    found this site selling whittakers, still expensive though. I'm going to wait till I go through KL airasia international airport over winter holidays, they sell it dutyfree there.

    1. Hey great, thanks for the link. Looks like they have more flavours too. Kinda craving the peppermint one, it's always my fav. I'm going to be heading home for a bit in March next year, maybe I will stock up then :)

  2. I was in Cafe Bene in Seoul today and I saw they had the peanut and almond slabs and the sante bars. They were a bit more pricy than New Zealand but better than the kingsize bars I've seen.